Sometimes it’s the simplest questions that help us peel back another layer of ourselves.  We know what frustrates each other…we seem to bump into that on a regular basis. However, we rarely talk about what brings us joy.

There’s a popular home organizing book out there that encourages you to look at the physical things in your home—everything from clothes, to furniture, to knickknacks, to the stuff in your kitchen drawers—and ask yourself for each item, “Does this bring me joy?”  While we haven’t read the book, we have employed that little suggestion when looking at our things and making decisions about keeping something or letting it go.

Sorting through things aside, this month, we want to encourage you to simply ask each other “What brings you joy?”  Really listen to your spouse and make a mental (or physical) note of what he or she says. Sometimes it’s the seemingly insignificant little things that bring us the most joy. And if we can be more intentional about helping our partner experience those joys, our marriage is better because of it.

If you want to take it further, feel free to sort through your stuff asking if each item brings you joy! You may be able to share your heart and declutter your house at the same time!  (By the way, though, if something brings your spouse joy but doesn’t bring you joy, you have to value their joy just as much as you value yours!)

If you live in a part of the world where Fall means leaves crunching under your feet, you might take a walk and enjoy the Fall colors while talking about this question!


Want to download or print out this date night?  Here it is in PDF format: