Have you ever tried to make sure everything is “fair” in marriage? This interview will challenge the 50/50 mindset. Nate and Kaley Klemp are the authors of 80/80 Marriage. By applying radical generosity and the concept of “shared success,” you can introduce a different heart and mind into your relationship.

Talk About It

What was your biggest takeaway in this interview?

What would you think of giving radical generosity a try?

If we could give our relationship a “name” for living out “shared success,” what would it be?

Think About It

Am I overly concerned with keeping things “fair?”  If so, has this caused resentment in my heart?

What could I do to be more generous with my spouse?

Notes and Quotes

Note: The Klemp’s book is an excellent book. However it is not a Christian resource. Jill read the book cover to cover and loved the concepts but there is some minor language and a couple of same-sex marriage examples we feel the need to disclose.