Her betrayal and resulting pregnancy caused so much pain in their marriage. But God shows up and moves this couple into a brand new direction. It was unexpected with huge twists and turns. Join Jill and Mark in this robust conversation with Brent and Stacey Locey as we hear how God worked to redeem a total mess to glorify Himself and His purposes. So often we want to run from pain, but when we run toward it, we can experience tremendous growth and transformation.

Talk about it:

What parts of this conversation impacted you most?

How would we describe our marriage story?

Think about it:

Brent and Stacey talked about how they had to start focusing on their marriage. How are you focusing on your marriage? Where do you need to readjust your priorities?

Is God my first priority?

Brent and Stacey emphasized their decision to hit the reset button on every aspect of their relationship. Do you need to hit the reset button and what would that look like for you and what you bring to your marriage?

Notes and Quotes

“How long have you been married?  Our true marriage is different from our first wedding ceremony. We had a big party on June 12, 2004 that was called a wedding. We didn’t become married until 2010. That was when we allowed God to be the 3rd person in our marriage, and we started following Him.”

“We are a hockey family. Once we accepted and operated that we are a team, we began to move forward and focus on life together.”

“The day that I married Brent I loved him the least. I love him now more than ever.”

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