WOW! What an interview this was. We are talking about the reality of marriage: the good, the bad and the ugly! Marriage often isn’t the fairy tale that we thought it would be….but God brings such growth through it. That’s Brian and Shayla’s story that we believe will both inspire and equip you!



Talk About It:

Is there anything you are dealing with on your own, that I need to be aware of?

Is there anything in either of our lives that controls us? Anything we need to make sure we’re not on a slippery slope towards addiction with?

What is one thing they talked about in the interview that struck you?

Think About It:

Do I have unrealistic expectations about marriage or my spouse?

Where am I at in my walk with God (where is my heart)?

Am I characterized by showing grace to my spouse?

Do I have addictions that I am not dealing with?

Notes and Quotes:

Psalm 55:4: My heart is in anguish within me. 

Shayla Moffitt “Is God not big enough?”

Jill Savage “When I’m a better me, we are a better we.”

Anguished Hearts Ministry

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