This is a story of hope, restoration, and hard-earned wisdom. There’s something for all of us to take away from this conversation with Chris and Steph Teague, the music duo known as Out of the Dust. This is their journey of marriage, divorce, and remarriage. It’s also Chris’s personal surrender story.

Talk About It

What’s one takeaway you had from this interview?

What drew you to me when we met?

Have you experienced any doubts in your faith that you could share with me?

Think About It

Am I naïve about how I’m doing or how my spouse is doing in our marriage?

Am I keeping inner secrets that need to be shared?

Where do I need to cry out to God and surrender?

Notes and Quotes

“We didn’t have people poking, prodding, and speaking into the blind spots of our life.” Chris Teague

“My doubts and hidden life opened me up to acting out in negative ways.” Chris Teague

“God was reaching me in all my brokenness. In all the decisions and destruction I had done.” Christ Teague

“I had forgiven him, but trust had been broken. For those who are willing to do the hard work of rebuilding trust, it can be done.” Steph Teague

Forgiveness is commanded but trust is earned through time.

When you wrestle together, you grow together.


Enjoy this Out of the Dust music video: