Join us for this Dive Deep interview with Dr. Jennifer Degler as we talk about how to enhance and enjoy your sex life! This was an interview Jill did for an online study of her Is There Really Sex After Kids? book. It was such a good, honest, open interview about intimacy that we felt you would find it helpful too!


TRANSCRIPT: Coming Soon!

Talk About It:

What new things would you be interested in trying to enhance our sex life?

What time of day works best for us to have sex?

What brings you pleasure? What do you not enjoy?

Think About It:

Dr. Jennifer Degler talked about the sexual bell curve. Where do I fall on the curve?

How can I best prepare myself to have sex with my spouse?

What are some ways that I can initiate sex that will be fun for both of us?

Notes and Quotes:

We need to take more responsibility for our own pleasure.

When it comes to sex, all of heaven is on your side. God wants you to have an intimate, passionate marriage.

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