In this Dive Deep Interview we are talking with Jen & Greg Hill. Greg and Jen have so much to teach us. They have experienced the emotional trauma of a lawnmower accident that took the legs of their then three year old son.  How did their marriage survive this? How did they keep from blame?  How has God used this to grow them? What did they learn about helping others in crisis? These are the questions we dive into in this conversation. Their weakness is on display, but the Lord stands faithful.




Transcript: Dive-Deep-with-Jen-and-Greg-Hill.pdf


Talk About It:

What “not right now” issue are we thinking about or trying to tackle that should be left on the back burner?

Is there a time when you (before we met), or we have experienced grief, trauma or loss?  How was it handled? What did you need most at that time?


Think About It:

What can I do to stand beside someone in their time of pain?

When I am helping someone, am I helping them embrace the emotion or am I trying to stop the feelings?

Is there someone I need to reach out to and be there for in the middle of their crisis or trauma?


Notes and Quotes:

Hebrews 12:28 “Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe.”

“You have to talk about the hard messy stuff.” -Greg & Jen

“God is Sovereign, He is in total and complete control.” -Greg & Jen

“The Lord is waiting for us in the darkness.” -Greg & Jen

“We don’t always have answers this side of heaven.” -Jill

“Insert yourself, show up and do (fold laundry, buy groceries).”

In the first few minutes of this video, the Savages and the Hills talk briefly about Samaritan Ministries–a Christian sharing ministry that is an alternative to health insurance. If you would like more information about Samaritan Ministries, you can learn more at