Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn know couples. Their research has supported their best-selling books For Men Only, For Women Only, and The Kindness Challenge just to name a few!

In this interview they pull back the curtain on their own relationship as well as imparting their hard-earned wisdom from years of research!

Sit down, enjoy, and get ready to learn!


TRANSCRIPT:  Dive-Deep-Interview-with-Jeff-and-Shaunti-Transcript.docx

Talk About It

Mark and Jill and Jeff and Shaunti talked about playing to their strengths. How do we do at playing to our strengths in our relationship?

Jeff and Shaunti talked about research that likens how the male and female brain to a computer browser. Men tend to have one window open at a time and women tend to have multiple windows open at a time. Does that describe us? How do we do navigating this difference?

Do either one of us need to be more intentional about rest?

Think About It

Do I have unrealistic expectations of my spouse to be more like me?

Do I tend to believe the best in my spouse?

Do I have a permanent mindset of grace?


Notes and Quotes

Either you let it drive you crazy, or you just have to have a permanent mindset of grace.” Shaunti Feldhahn

“What we’ve found is that whether you’re thriving in your relationship, and really in your life, is far more correlated to how you’re treating other people than how you are being treated.”  Shaunti Feldhahn

“When I’m a better me, we’re a better we.”  Jill Savage