Joey and Carla link are authors and speakers who are passionate about equipping parents. They spend much of their time on the road teaching parenting seminars. Twelve years ago, Joey and Carla were in a terrible car accident that left Carla in a two-month coma and eventually in a wheelchair. They have much to share with us about staying committed in marriage, even when circumstances are difficult.



TRANSCRIPT: Dive-Deep-With-Joey-Carla-Link-Transcript.pdf

Talk About It:

Joey and Carla talked about not having time for their marriage in the early years. They chose to leave their job at the campground to change that. Is there something we need to “leave” to give us time for each other?

Joey and Carla talked about “resetting” their marriage. Is there any way we need to “reset” our marriage to make it a priority?

Joey said, “We purposed to have dates.” Are we purposing to have dates?  Going away overnight for our anniversary?

For members who are parents: We’ll need to have relationship after the kids leave, so are we nurturing our relationship now while our kids are at home? What is one thing we could do to increase that?

Joey talked about stepping into Carla’s love for Ice Capades. And Carla talked about learning all the stats for the Dodger baseball team. How are we doing at learning to value and enjoy what each other likes? Are we stepping into each other’s world?

Carla spoke about learning to push information Joey’s way concerning her pain level. What info do we need to be more intentional about pushing each other’s way?

Are we still thinking about and trying new ways to have fun together?

Are we assuming what each other is thinking and getting angry or are we asking clarifying questions? (When you said “this,” what this what you were meaning?)

Quotes to think about or talk about:

“We’ve had to move beyond the caregiver role to nurturing the lover and friend parts of our relationship.”

“No matter what pain you’re going through, you need to cleave to each other.”

“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as WE are.”

“We need to push information to our spouse that helps them connect with our reality.”

“The more you live a handicapped lifestyle, the more handicapped you will become.”

Think About It:

Am I making our marriage a priority in my heart?

Am I willing to leave the kids for the sake of spending the time with my spouse?

Am I making an effort to step into my spouse’s world?

Carla spoke about learning to push information Joey’s way concerning her pain level. What info do I need to be more intentional about pushing my spouse’s way?

Am I living a life that has joy? Am I characterized by seeing the good in life?

Can I be more intentional about asking clarifying questions so I don’t misinterpret my spouse’s actions or words?