This month’s Dive Deep Interview is with Karen Haught, author of The God-Empowered Wife.  While her book is written for wives, this interview is valuable for both husbands and wives!

The God-Empowered Wife was a game-changer in our marriage.  We are so grateful for Karen’s message and we believe it’s value for marriages everywhere.

By the way, you know how easy it is to mix up words and say something you didn’t intend to say? Yep! That happened in this interview.  For clarity we edited that out but there is one point where Karen refers back to that mistake and we just couldn’t edit that reference out. Sooooooo….if you hear the reference to that and wonder what she’s referring to…you didn’t miss anything! #NoMorePerfectInterviews









TRANSCRIPT: Karen-Haught-Interview.doc

Talk About It
Karen mentioned that growing up all of the marriages she knew were unhappily married, bored to tears, or had experienced infidelity. What kind of marriages did you see growing up?
Karen mentioned how easily we try to control for success. Is there any way either one of us are trying to control for success?
Do you ever feel I undermine your decisions?
Wife to husband: Would you like quiet companionship in your marriage?
Wife to husband: Do you ever feel I emasculate you?
Husband to wife: Does your mind go a mile a minute like Karen describes?
Are we each other’s safe place? If not, what do we need to do to change that?

Think About It
Is there any way I’m overshadowing my spouse?
Are there any prayers I could write out and pray regularly.
What fears are driving my instinct to control?
Am I trying to “lead from the back?” in some way?
Where do I need to move forward with a pure heart? (When we do something with a pure heart, we’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do, not to get a certain response. Our goal is to please God only.)
Where do I need to ask: “Okay God, how do you want me to respond in this circumstance?”
Is there any way I’m controlling conversations without recognizing it?
Is there any way my upbringing made me more susceptible to “controlling for success?”
Is there any way I’m trying to be the Holy Spirit for my spouse?

Quotes to Talk About or Think About
“What I didn’t realize was that my strength was overshadowing my husband.” Jill Savage
“Marriage is the stage that God uses to grow us.” Karen Haught
“If our heart is set on “I need to have this to have peace” we are worshipping God’s blessings instead of worshipping God.” Karen Haught
“We deny God His Glory when we hide our story.” Karen Haught