14 years married, 13 seasons in the NFL, 6 kids, and life on the road has helped Luke and Katy McCown discover some much-needed wisdom in marriage we’re so glad they were willing to share with us in this Dive Deep Interview!

Please note: The McCown’s live out in the country and don’t have the best internet connection. There are occasional distortions in the sound due to this, but this is a rich interview that is worth dealing with those occasional blips.


TRANSCRIPT:  Dive-Deep-Interview-with-Katy-and-Luke-McCown.doc


Talk About It

When does our pace of decision-making cause conflict for us?
How do we do at making concessions to our natural bent to accommodate the other person’s natural bent?
Is there any way I can ask you better questions?
Are we living out our vision for our marriage and/or our family? Is there anything we need to adjust in order to do that?

Think About It

Do I take my spouse’s differences personally?
Do I believe the best in my spouse?
Have I been intentional about “leaving and cleaving?” Do I realize that my parents and my spouse’s parents are now extended family and not immediate family anymore and my allegiance has to be to my marriage over extended family.
Am I willing to leave my children to spend time with my spouse?

Quotes and Notes

“We’re on the same team and we’re playing for each other.” –Luke McCown
“The biggest place I grew was not taking Luke’s internal processing personally.” –Katy McCown
“When we take things personal, we create conflict that really isn’t there.” –Jill Savage
“There’s value in moving away from extended family in order to rely solely on you two to get everything done.” –Luke McCown
“I remember one date night we went out in sweats to IHOP.” Katy McCown
“Communication is how we say things and how we take things.” Katy McCown
“Step out of your normal routines to focus on each other.” Jill Savage