Ron and Susan Seay are the parents of 7 children and have been married 23 years. Our conversation with them was so inspiring. We know you’ll love it!



TRANSCRIPT: Dive-Deep-with-Ron-and-Susan-Seay.doc

Talk About It:

Ron and Susan talked about their different temperaments. How do we do at navigating our differing temperaments?

Susan mentioned that Ron’s directness causes her to feel shut down. Does that happen to either one of us?

Susan mentioned that she’s had to learn to be more brave in her communication. Do we need to be more brave in our relationship?

Mark and Jill talked about that Mark is more discerning than Jill. Jill has had to learn to trust Mark’s discerning sense in relationships even when she doesn’t see something herself. Which one of us is more discerning? Have we ever identified that?

Quotes To Talk About or Think About:

“Sometimes I forget to put on the mind of Christ.” Ron Seay

“We are on the same team.” Ron Seay

“We have to practice overlooking offense.” Ron Seay

“Our conflict isn’t a bad thing…it actually makes us better.” Susan Seay

“Calling myself or trying my best to be a submitted wife is no excuse for disobedience when God is calling me to speak truth, to share and open my heart to my husband. To not say anything doesn’t honor God or my husband.”  Susan Seay

“I’m growing to be more careful about my domineering communication.”  Ron Seay

“Sometimes it’s more important to be in relationship than in being right.” Ron Seay

“We get very casual with our communication in our family. Sometimes we’re too casual and we aren’t careful with our words.” Ron Seay

“My family had a lot of dysfunction growing up. As mature people we have to take lessons from the good and the bad.” Ron Seay

“We made sure we took one marriage workshop and one parenting workshop every year.” Susan Seay