It’s refreshing when an everyday couple gets an unexpected platform and opens up about the good parts and the hard parts of marriage.

That’s what happened with Todd and Brooke Tilghman. Todd won The Voice in 2020–right smack dab in the middle of the pandemic. Suddenly they had a national platform to share about their faith and family.

Todd was pastoring a small church in Mississippi when he won The Voice. Their marriage has had plenty of ups and downs and they decided to share honestly about that journey in their new Every Little Win book.

In this Dive Deep Interview, Jill talks with them about marriage, family, parenting, and faith. It’s a refreshingly honest conversation, we know you’ll find helpful!



Talk about it:

What is one thing that struck you in this interview and challenged you personally?

What “little wins” have we missed appreciating and celebrating?

Think about it:

What “little wins” do I need to see in my marriage?

Where do I need to push my thoughts in a different direction?

Notes and Quotes: