It’s unthinkable that your only child would be convicted of murder and serving a life sentence in prison. Yet that’s the reality for Christian author and speaker Carol Kent and her husband Gene. What happens to a marriage when the unthinkable invades? How do you stay together when grief threatens to pull you apart?  This interview is rich and you don’t want to miss it!


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Talk about it

How do we process differently? Which of us is an internal processor and which is an external processor?

What does taking the next step in praying together look like for us?

Are we fighting for our marriage or are we fighting each other?

Are we characterized by talking about issues or just having a bad attitude?


Think about it

Am I making the small stuff the big stuff?

Am I characterized by talking about issues or just having a bad attitude and hoping my spouse figures it out?

Do I expect my spouse to just know if and why I’m not happy? How can I begin to communicate better with my words?

Do I have a person in my life that can keep my thoughts accountable? Is there someone I could ask?


“If you can laugh together in the middle of your journey and allow those flashes of joy to make you smile, no matter how hard life is or whatever the tough stuff you’re going through, somehow it makes survival much easier.
– Carol Kent

“We can say, ‘I don’t want to do what my dad did or what my mom did,’ but if we don’t do something to set a new direction and actually replace it with something, we will naturally default to that, because it’s all we know.” – Jill Savage

“It was very big for us to start talking about issues rather than just having a bad attitude.” – Carol Kent

“It doesn’t hurt your masculinity if you apologize and say you screwed up.” -Gene Kent

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