Robert Wolgemuth is the author of Lies Men Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free. Last month we spoke with Robert and his wife Nancy about the lies women believe and how they affect our marriage. This month we’re focusing on the lies men believe and how they affect our marriage. Robert and Nancy are deep. Listen or watch and then ponder the “think about it” questions to move this from your head to your heart. If you’re watching as a couple, take some time to discuss the “talk about it” questions, too. As always, there’s a transcript of this interview (below) if you’d prefer to read!




TRANSCRIPT: Lies-Men-Believe-and-How-They-Affect-Our-Marriage.doc

Talk About It

Nancy said, “The purpose of our marriage is to reflect the loveliness of Christ.” Is that true about our marriage?

Are we “other’s centered” in our marriage? Are we looking for ways we can together reach out to others?

Robert and Nancy mentioned seeking Christian counseling as they blended their lives together. Is there anything we should seek Christian counseling or coaching for?

What’s your favorite date night activity?

Think About It

Am I active or passive in my marriage?

Do I reflect the loveliness of Christ in my marriage?

What am I buying into that’s a counterfeit for what God really has for me?


Quotes and Notes

“Men: Be patient. Be gentle. Be humble.”  Robert Wolgemuth

“I John 4:17: God pursued us first. We need to be pursuers of each other.”

“One of the greatest sins men commit it to be passive.”

Nancy’s ministry: Revive Our Hearts Ministry: Calling Women to Freedom, Fullness, and Fruitfulness in Christ

“More often than not, men sin consciously.”

“Marriage and sex is something you do with someone. Pornography and masturbation is something you do alone.”

Pornography lies: “I can get away with this.” “It’s not gonna hurt me and it’s not gonna hurt anyone I love.” “A little porn is harmless.”

“Disclosure releases a lot of pressure.  Tell someone–your wife or a close friend.”

“Porn holds a counterfeit promise of delight or joy. This is something where Satan switches the pricetags.”