Even though you likely head in separate directions on weekdays, it’s important to find ways to keep your hearts connected when you’re apart from each other. This month’s Dive Deep video is chock full of ideas on how to connect your hearts while you’re apart!


Transcript: Connect-Your-Hearts-While-Youre-Apart-Transcript.pdf

Discussion Questions:

Which one of us tends to be most compartmentalized and focused solely on what we’re doing?

Are you happy with how we’re staying connected throughout the day? Would you like it to be more? Would you like it to be less?

Of all the ideas Mark and Jill shared, what would you like to add into our mix of “staying connected” strategies?

Does reading aloud interest you? If so, is there a book you’d like to read together?


Personal Reflection Questions:

Am I more like a waffle or spaghetti? What about my spouse?

Is there something my spouse needs that I don’t need but I need to learn to value?

Of all the ideas Jill and Mark shared, is there one I could try to incorporate to stay more connected to my spouse?