The greatest commandments are to love God and to love one another. But, let’s be honest! Love can be hard…especially when your spouse seems unlovable! For this month’s Double Date with Mark and Jill, we are going to look at Romans 12:9-21 and together learn how to love well!


TRANSCRIPT:  Loving-When-Its-Hard.pdf

Talk About It:

  • Read through Romans 12:9-21 together. What areas are we doing well in? What areas do we need to work on together?
  • Are we keeping score in our marriage? How can we throw out the scoreboard and start fresh?
  • Will we commit to love unhumanably well?

Think About It:

  • Am I living a life above reproach? Am I committed to living fervently for the Lord?
  • What gift can I give to my spouse, even if it’s undeserved?
  • Is my love genuine (for my spouse, family, etc.), or is it driven by selfishness?
  • Am I hitting back with my words, attitudes and actions?

Quotes and Notes:

“I can be constant in worry, I can be constant in trying to control, I can be constant in anxiety, when what I really need to do is be constant in prayer.” Jill Savage

“It’s really hard to serve the Lord when you’re driven by yourself.” Mark Savage

“There is no place to keep score in marriage.” Jill Savage

Remember: Loving well is unhumanable! Ask the Lord to help you to love your spouse, even if he/she seems unlovable.