This week’s Double Date with Mark and Jill focuses on putting a little variety back in your date nights! Last month we talked about Daily Dates and why they are important. This month we’re focusing on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly dates that keep us discovering life together! We’d love to hear your ideas that you’d add to the mix! Just leave a comment on this post to share other ideas you have!



TRANSCRIPT: Slow-the-Pace-Transcript.doc

Discussion Questions:

Is there any entertainment we could be more intentional about enjoying together? (Free concerts in the park, season tickets, etc)

Is there any way we could be more intentional about playing together? (Arcade, board games, gard games by candlelight, tech free nights)

Is there something you’ve been thinking about that you haven’t shared with me yet?

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

When was the last time we took a picnic to the park and just talked about our hopes and dreams?

What have you been thinking about lately?

What’s draining your energy?

What is something that really excites you?

Is there something we could learn together? (cooking classes, dance classes, Financial peace, parenting classes, marriage seminars, etc)

Can we change things up and explore more together like trying new restaurants, taking a walk in a different neighborhood, or exploring our own town as a tourist?

Personal Reflection Questions:

Is there any way I’m allowing my own fears or selfishness get in the way of us spending time together?

What excuses am I tempted to offer that keeps us from giving love space?

Is my work getting in the way? Do I need to address workaholism in my own life?

Am I willing to leave the kids?

What is one step I can take today to initiate slowing the pace and giving love space?