Guardrails on the road are designed to stop vehicles and minimize damage should a car drift out of the driving lane. Guardrails in marriage are designed to stop temptation and minimize damage should we drift off center in our relationship.

This Double Date with Mark and Jill is a video from a 5-part series Andy Stanley presented several years ago. His message is so good, we decided it’s best to just let him deliver it!

All five videos are excellent and we highly recommend watching the whole series. However, if you’re not interested in that, we want to encourage you to watch Video 3 because it specifically deals with marriage.

We discuss the concept of guardrails (we call them hedges of protection) in Chapter 9 of our No More Perfect Marriages book. We also recently wrote a blog post about them here.

Talk About It

  • My biggest takeaway from this video was _________________________________.
  • Are there any guardrails we need to establish for our marriage that we both can operate by?

Think About It

  • Is there anywhere I’m being naïve and not protecting my marriage?
  • Are you rationalizing at all? A little too close to compromising?
  • What guardrails do I personally need to put in place?

Notes and Quotes

Guardrails are a standard of behavior that becomes a matter of conscience.

A guardrail helps us feel uneasy before we cross into a place that will cause hurt.

Guardrails keep us out of the danger zone.

Flee from don’t flirt with.

Sin is about hurting, dishonoring, or stealing from another person.

Honor God with your body. Honor God with the other bodies around you.