Assumptions cause more conflict in marriage than what most of us realize. In this video, Mark and Jill share a hilarious story of assumption and give a strategic tip on how to stop making assumptions!





Talk About It

In what areas of our marriage are assumptions doing damage?

Is there anything you’re having thoughts about where you need to ask your thoughts? (Hint: look for places where you’re saying in your head “I think he thinks…” or “I think she thinks…”)

Think About It

In what parts of my life, am I making assumptions? (marriage, as a parent, work, church, etc?)

What is one assumption I’m making where I need to ask my thoughts?

Notes and Quotes

  • Assumptions fill in gaps of information incorrectly.
  • Assumptions assign meaning that’s often not accurate.
  • When we assume, we interact with the other person as if our assumption is true.
  • If you want to stop assuming, you have to start asking your thoughts.