Bob and Dannah Gresh: Happily Even After

Is there life after broken trust? Can a marriage thrive after lies and deceit? Bob and Dannah Gresh are living proof that you a marriage can thrive happily even after! This conversation is honest, rich, and filled with wisdom and hope!

Talk About It

What is one takeaway you had from this video?
Am I safe for you to share your deepest, darkest secrets with? If not, what would make me more safe?
It makes me feel safe when you ______________________.

Think About It

Is there anything you’re saying “I can work this out” about that you need to talk to your spouse about and seek help for?
Is there a story you’re telling yourself in your head about your marriage or your spouse that you need to change?

Notes and Quotes

  • 70% of women of women whose husband’s use pornography have symptoms of PTSD.
  • Many couples don’t have all their secrets shared. Until you’re completely known, you can’t experience full intimacy.
  • If there’s a pornography problem in your home, there’s a loneliness problem in the home.
  • About 30% of women and 70% of men in the church use pornography.
  • Triggers are an invitation from the Holy Spirit to do the next level of work in your life.
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