Most of us love chocolate so this date has you exploring different chocolate tastes and talking about what you like and don’t like.

This is an at-home date that you can enjoy after the kids are in bed, or anytime if you don’t have kids or your kids are grown.

What you need:

·2 pieces of paper and pens


·A variety box of chocolates

What you do:

·Remove the paper that tells you what the different chocolates are and tuck it away to refer to later.

·Number the squares the chocolates are in with a sharpie.

·Cut each chocolate in half or in quarters, if you prefer smaller tastes.

·Take turns feeding each other a chocolate. Write down the number of the box you tried and guess what the flavor is from your taste test.

·Enjoy guessing, laughing, and discovering each of your likes and dislikes.

·When you make it through as much of the box as you desire, pull out the paper that tells you the flavors and see how many you each guessed correctly!


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