If there’s one common theme in marriages that struggle, it’s the misuse of our words. In this Dive Deep Interview, Jill talks with Sarah Molitor. Sarah misused her words for many years in her marriage until she was convicted of the damage she had caused. That’s when she made some very necessary changes. We all need the wisdom in this video!


Talk About It

In what way have my words hurt you in our marriage? (Whatever your spouse shares, respond with an apology. I’m sorry for _______________. I understand it has hurt you in this way: ________________________. Will you please forgive me?)

If there is one way I could better use my words to lift you up?  What words of mine would most bring you life?


Think About It

Are there any “band-aids” you’ve used to fix something in your life because of your discontentment?

Is there any way you’re turning to your emotions and feelings rather than to the Lord?

What is going on in my head and my heart that are fueling my damaging words?

Do you need to clean up anything with Lord or with someone else because of the misuse of your words?


Notes and Quotes

What God Says About Our Words: The-Power-of-Our-Words-PDF.pdf

Build your home and build your family right where you are.

Repentance is being grieved over how your actions have affected another person.

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