Most of us think about taking kids to the zoo but few of us consider the zoo a fun date for two!

In this Design-a-Date, the two of you will go to your local zoo or travel to a zoo you’ve always wanted to explore. You’ll meander through the exhibits, talking about the animals you love, learning things together, and just enjoying each other’s company!

Plan the Date: Pick a date to explore the zoo. Put it on your calendar and protect it!

Make the date happen: While you’re traveling to the zoo, share memories of zoo visits you experienced when you were a child. Hold hands, take selfies, and take your time walking and talking.

Think about lunch ahead of time: pack a picnic, plan for a meal at the zoo or choose a restaurant near the zoo that you’ve never eaten at before.

Select one of the selfies you took to print out and frame at home!

Print Out PDF: Thats-Zoo-and-Me-PDF.pdf

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