A strong marriage and family doesn’t “just happen. It is created. In this Dive Deep Interview, Jill has a conversation about intentionality with Instagram influencers Dino and Ashley Petrone. Their book Designed to Last equates designing a marriage relationship the same way you would design a room in your home. This conversation is about strengthening your faith AND your marriage.

Transcript: Dino-and-Ashley-Petrone-Transcript.docx

Talk about it:

What is one takeaway or personal challenge you have from this teaching?

Is there some area of life you’d like for us to be more disciplined in as a couple?  What’s a next step we could take to start that rolling?

How do we do finding joy in the “in between?”

Talk about what activity you personally enjoy doing together.

Think about it:

Dino and Ashley talked about a disciplined life determining your success in growing your relationship with the Lord. Where do I need to be more disciplined?

Is God my first priority?

Dino and Ashley emphasized creating healthy habits in your marriage. What personal habits would be good for me to establish within my marriage?

How do I do at finding joy in the “in-between?”

Notes and Quotes

Zig Zigler says this. “If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Instagram: @arrowsandbow

Designed to Last: Our Journey of Building an Intentional Home, Growing in Faith, and Finding Joy in the In-Between book

Living With Less So Your Family Has More: Redefining Your Priorities To Put Your Family First book 


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