This Dive Deep Interview features a candid conversation about alcohol and the effects it can have on your life. Mark and Jill sit down with Matt and Amy as they share their personal story as it relates to alcohol usage in their own life. They had underestimated how alcohol was affecting their marriage and they have now found freedom from alcohol and enjoy helping others do the same.

Talk About It:

-Amy talked about how she was rationalizing and minimizing her alcohol usage. Is there any habit in your life that you are rationalizing or minimizing?

-How does this interview affect any of the beliefs you have had surrounding alcohol?


Think About It:

-Have I truly learned the power of decision? What thinking patterns in my life do I need to take control of?

-In my life, what substance/activity do I turn to for relaxation and unwinding?

Notes and Quotes:

“Willpower can get you to a certain point but it’s not going to take you for the long haul” -Amy Edwards

Link to Amy’s website:

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