Are you hinting, hoping, complaining, commenting, or criticizing? If so, we want you to know there’s a better way to let your spouse know what you need! This Double Date with Mark and Jill will show you the way!

Talk About It

What is your initial thought about using this strategy in our communication?

What fears do you have about making requests?

Is there a request you’d like to make?


Think About It

Did you grow up in a home where making requests wasn’t safe (maybe you had a reactive parent, or your needs simply weren’t thought of or met)?

Can you think of a time in the past week where a direct request might have made a big difference?


Notes and Quotes

I thought I was communicating, but really I was commenting, hoping, or hinting.

When you experience frustration, there’s a request to be made.

Part of a healthy marriage is self-leadership.

Ask yourself, “What do you need?”

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