Rupture and Repair

Do you find yourself navigating conflict and feeling like there’s not any closure or healing for your relationship? In this Double Date with Mark and Jill, we talk about how to have conflict in a healthy way and how to find closure when conflict happens.

Talk about it:

What’s the hardest part about our conflict for you?

What could I do to help make conflict better for you?

Think about it:

What do I bring to conflict that isn’t helpful?

How do I do at repairing? How do I do at repairing even when I feel my spouse is more wrong than I am?

Notes and Quotes:

Own what you brought to the party!

Don’t ever have rupture without repair.

1st Quarter Q&A 2022–Your Questions Answered

In this Q&A, Mark and Jill share a real-life difficult day and how they used their God-tools to stay steady and not have unnecessary conflict. They also answered questions about:

  • personal responsibility in marriage
  • how to stop petty arguments
  • what choosing love looks like on a daily basis
  • how to handle hard conversations with a spouse who isn’t willing to have safe conversations
  • and more!

3rd Quarter Q&A 2022–Your Questions Answered!

Our LIVE Q&A’s are some of our favorite parts of hanging out with you! In this Q&A we talked about:

  • how to keep your heart engaged when your spouse is not
  • spiritual intimacy–what it is and how to make it happen
  • what to do when your spouse’s habits bug you
  • and a variety of other topics we ventured into!

And yes, Mark is back to wearing an eye patch. He still has one more eye surgery (hopefully in September) to finish up his journey with the detached/torn retina in his right eye. He’s staying steady and hanging in there! So in this video you get “Pirate Mark!” 😉

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